This Guy’s Backyard Idea Was Insane Until I Saw It Finished. Really, He’s a Total GENIUS!Sometimes knowing exactly what you want can be tougher than actually doing it…but this guy knew exactly what he wanted to do with his empty yard.

The result is a breathtakingly beautiful swimming pond that will make you want to head out into your garden and build it yourself.

With plenty of photos to see exactly what needs to be done, you won’t have any problems recreating it.

  • Firstly the area needs to be dug up. The hardest part of the work has to be done with an excavator.

  • The following step would be to be installed pipes and drain pipes. In the following pictures, you can see various views of the size of the hole in relation to the yard and house.

  • Then isolate the ground using several layers of foil to create the pond bottom.